Emmalee Adams


Emmalee’s name quite literally means “Peaceful Home”, and that is what she strives to bring clients – peace for their home and peace in the process of making their home. Her design philosophy follows accordingly, centering rest, wellness, craftsmanship, community. It’s also important to her that each project carries a certain je ne sais quoi – that x-factor that makes the space feel complete and deeply personal to the client.
With a background in marketing and graphic design, Emmalee brings a fresh perspective to the studio. She continues to refine her skills and learn the latest design technology to refine our systems and improve the production of our team. That, coupled with her impeccable taste and eye for detail, makes her a fantastic guide when seeing clients through the design process.
When she’s not working, you’ll probably find Emmalee doing one of three things: spending time with her friends, Jeeping in the mountains with her husband and velcro dogs, or trying to master some new artistic craft. Her latest artistic pursuit is linocut printing – ask her about it!


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