About Us

Call it collaboration, call it channeling in cosmic kismet, call it meditative brainstorming, call it synergistic communication… Call it whatever you want. All I know is we value it, the intricate, beautiful, delicate, powerful nature of human beings talking together, working together and making something elevated (beautiful, intricate, detailed, elegant, cost-effective, functional, inspirational… the list goes on and on) together. With honesty, integrity, soul, craftsmanship… and no B.S.

That last part is important when it comes to design, execution and installation. Thousands of hands touch a project prior to its beautiful completion. Things can happen along that road. Vendor miscues, transport accidents, the proverbial unforeseen “mold in the walls.” But we’ll be with you every step of the way with patience, expertise, experience, honesty, and humor. We’re even fun sometimes. Insert wink emoji here. We’ll figure it out together. That’s what we do.

We listen. We inspire. We elevate. Together.

Meet Our Team

Joey Paull Yoder

Principal Designer

Ann McNamara

Interior Designer & Project Manager

Emmalee Adams

Marketing Specialist


Design Assistant

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