Joey Paull Yoder

Principal Designer

Yes. It’s time for the website bio. I hate these things. But my marketing people tell me I need one. So here goes… 

I feel like my whole life has been, in one way or another, a quest to find the right design. As a kid it was figuring out my room. Why did those flimsy posters from Spencer’s never work? (Some of you my age might have had the cool posters. You know, Duran Duran, Billy Idol, etc. but I was a Kenny Rogers girl myself… and I have always known when to hold ‘em)  My mom, who has always aided the cause, took me to every yard sale and flea market in the area to comb for treasures that in my mind would unlock some mysterious “YES” moment. I’ve always believed the right “treasure” in the right space with the right light at the right time… could be magic. Or make a lot of organizational sense. Either way. The space would feel better, work better, be better than it was before. 

As I got older that same questing spirit took me around the world. Twenty six countries and counting. Many, many adventures filled with breathtaking scenery, European castles and diverse churches and cathedrals from the early middle ages to the renaissance, crammed modern city-scapes and serene old world country sides. All with their own unique beauty and design, all being stored in my imagination for many inspirational rainy days to come. 

In my 20’s as I was figuring what to do with all those designs in my head, I got a job in the hospitality sales and management industry. I thought I took the job because it was in Vail. (who wouldn’t want to work in Vail?????) But it turned out that job in hospitality was a perfect springboard to my career in design. It taught me how important customer service (and the importance of not messing with someone’s sleep!) is in business, and in life. It taught me excellent organizations skills, how to be an effective problem solver, and the value of a safe and comfortable space to call your own. 

And getting my BS in design (that’s Bachelors of Science not the other stuff) was the final step in that quest of realizing what I was supposed to do.  Turns out that little kid obsessed with finding treasures was right about unlocking those “YES” moments, but she was slightly off about how to go about it. It’s not all about treasure hunting, choosing furniture and pretty pillows, etc.  – sure, that’s part of the joy of design –  but it’s only one part.

The others in no particular order: The ability to problem solve and effectively execute a plan. That plan goes hand in hand with educating our client, (you), and advising what isn’t always the easiest but the best for the overall project, aesthetic and budget. The countless decisions to be made about a multitude of details. Details that transform a space and create a feeling and tone that make the space personal. Speaking of which, and most importantly, there is our  relationship. You (the client) and me (your designer)… spending time getting to know you, how you live, entertain, what are you questing for?  A well-designed space tells your story; it’s an insight into your family, your history and passions. I believe in designing for the person you are now and the person you are becoming, elevating the overall aesthetic and design to create a space that you will love, love being in, love working in, love relaxing in, love living in for years to come.

That’s the true “YES” moment. Not mysterious at all. 

Graduated from The Art Institute of Colorado
magna cum laude with BS in Interior Design


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