Renovation, Design and Management

If your vision includes a renovation or a new build, we start with AutoCAD drawings, renderings, material specifications, all that cool, tech stuff, to ensure a thorough understanding of the project’s total scope and specific details.

Then our expediting services and project management teams take over making sure every detail is executed to perfection, from concept to completion. Or, as we like to say, from “before” images to Instagram “afters”.

Furniture And Decorating

Quick aside. One day I am going to come home from a trip with some doors I bought and tell my husband I want to build a house around them. I have a fascination with doors…vintage…funky…oversized…pivot…carved…I love me some doors.

What do you love? At Paull Interiors we pride ourselves on helping you put the thing(s) you love at the heart of your vision. To that end we offer furniture and decorating services handling every aspect of the design process from start to finish. Including creating detailed floor plans, designing custom furniture, ordering materials and overseeing the installation process. Once everything’s in place we’ll provide the all important styling, accessorizing pizazz to bring the space to life.


To all of us here at Paull Interiors it’s all about the client’s vision. However, we understand that while sometimes your vision is super clear, which is amazing (we love helping you execute every detail of your fully realized vision and surprise you with some WOW moments of our own!), other times this vision is a little less so.

In the consulting phase, we start by listening to you. (What? Have I mentioned that before?) Get to know you, understand your dreams, ideas, likes, dislikes, elements you know you want, elements you know you don’t want, get to know your budget, your dog’s name, the show you binged last week, your personal style and ideal timeline. By the way, totally fine if you don’t have a dog or don’t wish to share what you binged last week.

From this launching point we’ll dig in and do our thing, providing invaluable insight and advice to aid and elevate your vision, or help you find it. Whether you need help selecting the perfect color scheme or guidance on a full- scale renovation our team of experts with our wealth of industry wide experience will be there with you every step of the way on your design journey.

Consultation packages start at $500.

Hourly design services

What’s it going to cost to get your dream space? Let’s chat… we’ll get you an estimate of time spent for the scope of your project. We tier our hourly rates based on the level of expertise necessary and the task that is at hand.

  • Interior Design w/ purchasing – Principal
  • Designer w/ purchasing
  • Project Management
  • Interior Design Consultation only

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