Skylar laman


Skylar’s presence brings joy and positivity to every task she undertakes. From an early age, Skylar has had an interest in and fascination with the design industry. Since beginning at Paull Interiors, has gained a wealth of knowledge and practical experience. At Paull Interiors, her contributions are invaluable as she collaborates with the entire team to maintain organization of the studio and keep on top of tasks that keep the projects running smoothly. This includes vendor correspondence, ensuring low inventory, and even client installation. Skylar’s eye for detail and ability to efficiently tackle even the smallest tasks make her an indispensable asset to the organization.

Skylar is presently pursuing a degree from the University of Boulder Colorado in Business Management. Complementing this degree, she is also obtaining a Certificate of Interior Design from the Interior Design Institute.
Skylar loves to be engaged in the world – whether it is sitting front row at an Avs game or having a homemade pasta and wine night with friends.


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