Downsize Without Compromise

The Challenge: our client was seeking to move from a 3,000 sq/ft house to 1,000 sq/ft townhome and in the process create an elegant, custom finished haven AND a kick-back, comfort-first home at the same time.

So what did we do? We told them there’s only one way to do it and we’re always right…

Um, no. We didn’t do that. We listened.

Working hand and hand with the client’s wishes, dreams, desires… and, of course, budgetary considerations, we created a blended sanctuary highlighting a maximum flow layout, complete with warm pillows and furniture exuding the “exhale” of unwinding at the end of the day and infused it with, dare I say it, a designer’s edge (Can I have a playful, curated, aspirational kitchen? …. of course you can!) complete with textured wallpaper, unique custom planked ceilings, and a kitchen island wrapped with captivating wood accents…

VOILA! A high-end, comfortable abode, perfect for welcoming family and entertaining guests, bubbling over with the unique essences of the clients… and sorely lacking in compromise.

Location: Louisville, CO
Project Team: Revel Wood Craft
Photos by From The Hip Photography

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