Perfect Fit

You see a lot of next level terminology bandied about on designer’s websites. And they’re great.  I’m all for “eclectic”, “layered” “tailored” “evolving” space transformations. In fact I’ve done more than my fair share. 

But sometimes a great design is about the tried and true, like comfort and functionality. Touting both won’t necessarily get you on the cover of Luxe magazine but nailing them will get you a lot of happy clients.

Case and point: this large family room we revamped for a larger-than-life family. No. They weren’t super heroes. Yes.  They were tall. (with the exception of their mini schnauzer) so their family room, the central gathering place, needed to be “up”graded and grown to accommodate them today, right now. Not yesterday. 

Embracing the existing asymmetry in the fireplace, we decided to turn it into a captivating focal point of the new comfortable, accommodating furniture pieces, highlighted with the red and blue hues the family loved. A clean and tranquil wall design was the perfect serene backdrop that allowed the new furniture to shine: comfy, spacious swivel lounge chairs, an expansive hand crafted coffee table, an oversized occasional chair with ottoman and the textured blue sofa with plenty of room for everyone, including the schnauzer. A perfect fit for the whole family. 

“Eclectic” comfort. “Evolving” functionality. Wink. Wink. 

Location: Superior, CO
Photos by From The Hip Photography

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