Soulful and Sustainable

The client said “Sustainability”, “Family friendly”, “Soulful”, “”Expansive”, “Global Travel” and acclaimed designer “John Wheatman!”

We did what we always do. We listened. We took a closed off, dark California Rancher and transformed it into an elegant, poetic, sustainable, family friendly, world-traveled environment with just a touch of twinkling, eclectic mischief that the client loved and Mr. Wheatman would’ve definitely appreciated.

We used low VOC paint, and eco-conscious materials at every corner, mixing “book-matched” walnut and warm oak with tribal art from West Africa, rugs and fabric patterns inspired by the Indian weavers of Mumbai and Punjab and hand thrown local pottery from the Bay Area. We transformed the house into an inspired, modern, global traveler with its toes (Foundation anyone?) still firmly planted in the California sand. But being that Mr Wheatman loved his native Seattle so much it had to be Northern California. It is a California Rancher after all, We can’t leave the state. Whoever heard of a Washington Rancher? But I digress…

Location: Lafayette, CA

Project Team: Architecture: Debbi Peterson; Build: Mascheroni Construction; Painting: Arana Craftsman Painters
Photos by Eric Rorer

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