That Magic Feeling

Inviting, inspiring…. with that magic feeling.

Now that’s the way you wanna feel about your home office. Unfortunately our client felt… differently.

It’s dark, and feels like the walls are closing in. Hmmmmm…. That’s NOT the way you wanna feel.

So we set about reimagining and cultivating a new feeling of creative abundance. However, no room exists by itself, of course, and this office nestled inside a charming Tudor so as we got started we made sure we paid close attention to the soul of the house. As we lightened the space literally by saying bye bye to the darkest accents and introducing serene shades of cream, greige and beige, we always made sure these carefully selected patterns mirrored the intricate Tudor windows. As we lightened it figuratively by decluttering with the installation of meticulously detailed built-ins and custom made cabinets all with ample hidden storage space, allowing plenty of room for inspiration and, dare I say, a little magic, we never forgot they needed to blend perfectly with the lovely oak door we kept.

With the soul of the house as our inspiration, we transformed “dark with the walls closing in” into “bright, ethereal home-haven brimming with creative productivity.”

Location: Oakland Hills, CA
Photos by: Mo Saito

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