The Fun Grown Up

The mid century Eichler homes were classics, famous for combining stylish design with smart affordability. Even Steve Jobs loved them. He told his biographer the Eichler home he had lived in greatly influenced his vision for Apple and what design for the masses should be.  

Our client grew up loving Eichlers too. And was super proud when she was able to buy one. But when it was time to update the house, make it feel more “grown up”, she wanted to make sure the fun was still there. In other words she wanted a grown up home she could still feel young in. 

Drawing inspiration from the house itself, we opened up the walls allowing natural light to flow in, connecting spaces inside and out. We selected materials and textures aimed at achieving a sophisticated yet playful aesthetic. Crucial to this was integrating her Grandmother’s dining room table into the overall design. Along with that we reupholstered the chairs, introduced captivating, buoyant light fixtures and high end, large scale artwork all driving towards that goal of youthful exuberance wrapped with modern elegance. 

Now… Her Eichler is still a mid modern gem, fun-filled and ideal for that binge-watching, jammies only, hang with the gal pals, BUT it’s also the place for hosting that sophisticated Saturday night dinner party as well. 

Location: San Mateo, CA
Photos by Eric Rorer

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