The One with the bookcase

We call this project the one with the bookcase. Which is funny because the project began with the client wanting a full kitchen remodel. Nary a bookcase in sight. But, as we rolled up our sleeves and got to it, things started to evolve… morph… expand… as they often do. You update one space and it bleeds over into another, and then another. Renovate the kitchen. Great. But the kitchen opens to the family room and now the two are begging for a stronger connection so we removed the pony wall, and renovated the fireplace. Which led to squaring off the hallway opening, connecting the dining room to living room by letting in more light… which led us all to the same conclusion. The clients were adventurous, passionate travelers. We needed something to capture their love of exploration, vibrant color, and house all their treasures while seamlessly connecting all the other spaces on the first floor.
We needed a showstopper. Enter the Hale Navy Blue custom bookcase.

Location: Superior, CO
Project Team: Contractor – Delta Design Build, Bookcase – Fipps Construction
Photos by From The Hip Photography

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