The Third Sister

The family room… Just listen to the name: It’s the glue. It’s the warm, welcoming blanket, the quarterback, the “Julie Cruise Director” of the house, the CEO… It’s the room that gathers the family to relax, relate and connect. 

But on top of all those other obligations, THIS family room was at the heart of one of the “Three Sisters”, a trio of traditional Jacobean Tudor homes designed in 1923 by notable architect Houghton Sawyer. Stately, esteemed… and, according to the new owners and their growing family, just a tad bit stale. 
So we partnered with them to infuse some new traditions into this grand, but slightly stuffy, old family room.  Mindful of the great home’s intrinsic details like the coffered ceilings and stunning windows we set about “de-stuffying” the room, giving it some fresh, inspired energy. To accommodate the family’s massive book collection and cherished mementos we engineered bespoke bookcases that not only framed the TV but gave a strong counterpoint to the new fireplace. We selected family friendly, playful fabrics throughout ensuring durability without compromising style and to create a place they all wanted to spend “quality time” we identified and shaped a game area dedicated to laughter and friendly (we hope) competition. 
And so the “third sister” became home to the whole family. 

Location: Piedmont, CA
Photos by Eric Rorer

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