Joey Paull Yoder - Interior Designer

Services & Our process



Full Interior Design services including:  drawings, renderings, materials specification,  ordering, schedules and project management.  


Furniture and Decorating

Interior Design concepts through to installation...floorplans, furniture & materials ordering, installation and accessorizing. 



Small refresh to ideas for a full renovation, consulting available for any size job.  Packages available, schedule online today.

Design Process

Starting a design project or renovation can be stressful, experience has taught me clients who know what to expect feel cared for and at ease. We follow a 15 step process divided into three phases.

Phase One – Project Consultation and Commencement

Step 1:  Consultation with Joey Paull Yoder to establish scope of project, timeline and budget requirements.

Step 2:  Contract, Retainer & Project Commencement

Phase Two – Research, Design and Presentation 

Step 3: Onsite measurements, Photos and final criteria meeting. Trades necessary to project will attend.

Step 4: Design & Documentation: Drawings, sourcing goods and services, procuring estimates and budget

Step 5: Presentation: Design schemes with layouts for furnishings and materials, estimates, budget & deposits.

Phase Three – Project Management and Installation

Step 6: Order placement: estimated delivery/lead times received

Step 7: Budget & progress review and ongoing project management

Step 8: Construction and Renovation site work commences

Step 9: Installation period for renovation and construction 

Step 10: Furniture installation and Styling

Step 11: Client Reveal

Step 12: Deficiencies: identified

Step 13: Deficiencies: resolved

Step 14: Project closure meeting: Final invoices

Step 15: Project Completion; Thank you and Client binder