The One with the bookcase

We call this project the one with the bookcase. Which is funny because the project began with the client wanting a full kitchen remodel. Nary a bookcase in sight. But, as we rolled up our sleeves and got to it, things started to evolve… morph… expand… as they often do. You update one space and […]

Downsize Without Compromise

The Challenge: our client was seeking to move from a 3,000 sq/ft house to 1,000 sq/ft townhome and in the process create an elegant, custom finished haven AND a kick-back, comfort-first home at the same time. So what did we do? We told them there’s only one way to do it and we’re always right… […]

A New Light

I often tell clients if they don’t like something I will buy it from them. Not the $12,000 custom sectional, of course, but you get the gist. I will not leave a client with something they do not love. CUT TO the 42” round light fixture being installed for our clients transitioning from an old […]

Soulful and Sustainable

The client said “Sustainability”, “Family friendly”, “Soulful”, “”Expansive”, “Global Travel” and acclaimed designer “John Wheatman!” We did what we always do. We listened. We took a closed off, dark California Rancher and transformed it into an elegant, poetic, sustainable, family friendly, world-traveled environment with just a touch of twinkling, eclectic mischief that the client loved […]

Perfect Fit

You see a lot of next level terminology bandied about on designer’s websites. And they’re great.  I’m all for “eclectic”, “layered” “tailored” “evolving” space transformations. In fact I’ve done more than my fair share.  But sometimes a great design is about the tried and true, like comfort and functionality. Touting both won’t necessarily get you […]

The Third Sister

The family room… Just listen to the name: It’s the glue. It’s the warm, welcoming blanket, the quarterback, the “Julie Cruise Director” of the house, the CEO… It’s the room that gathers the family to relax, relate and connect.  But on top of all those other obligations, THIS family room was at the heart of one of […]

Embracing The Wild

The client was very specific. Let’s tame this thing. The “thing” was her Louisville home that her innate sense of adventure had exploded with A LOT of freedom. Lol.  I knew exactly what she meant but… tame is not a word I love. Instead I suggested we collaborate, team up, embrace the wild and make her home really her.  In […]

The Fun Grown Up

The mid century Eichler homes were classics, famous for combining stylish design with smart affordability. Even Steve Jobs loved them. He told his biographer the Eichler home he had lived in greatly influenced his vision for Apple and what design for the masses should be.   Our client grew up loving Eichlers too. And was […]

That Magic Feeling

Inviting, inspiring…. with that magic feeling. Now that’s the way you wanna feel about your home office. Unfortunately our client felt… differently. It’s dark, and feels like the walls are closing in. Hmmmmm…. That’s NOT the way you wanna feel. So we set about reimagining and cultivating a new feeling of creative abundance. However, no […]

Colorado Cool

Riddle me this? How do you “renovate a space completely” without being able to renovate it at all? What? Impossible…. without new construction… impossible without popping out a wall! Impossible without raising a ceiling! Actually… as the great ambidextrous swordsman Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride once said: “You keep using that word. I do […]

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